Stay in one of Greenland's most beautiful cottages

The cabin is located in the scenic præstefjord only 30 min. sailing from Nuuk, and has 10 beds and all of the equipment, running water and outdoor hot tub. (Lit only by a minimum of 2 nights' accommodation, and if weather and water conditions permitting).

The area is very easy to walk in and there are plenty of opportunities to catch trout in the river (in the period 06/15 - 15/08). Fishing rods are not included in the price. (Lost hooks paid). 3 meals. a day are included.

The boat trip is free, you only pay for lodging. (Bring your own sodas, alcohol, sweets).

  • Price. 1st night (24 hours) per. person: 2.495,- kr. (min. 2 pers.)
  • Price. 2. night 1.995,- kr. Rate. night, children under 15: 995,- kr.

Contact: Mobile: (+299) 55 32 01